Would, Don't, Reword


The Waiting Room Project

22.06.2013 18:00 -> 22:00 

Agora Collective, Berlim


Ana Rita Manuel participates with the performance Would, Don´t, Reword, on the project The waiting Room by D. Agullo, D. Paranyushkin, C Layes & P. Stamer at Agora Collective in Berlin.

This performance is conceived for one spectator, evoking his or her participation, the interaction will start with a text, that will encourage and guide a conversation, and drawing in mirror and in real time, performed by both, the spectator and performer. Would, Don´t, Reword will activate, through drawing and conversation, premises that will origin a paradoxical game between manipulation and the promise of a free choice.



Chapter 1: Would

You would have access to rewinding processes and simultaneously to an endless pulling forward, if a chaotic happening would be revealed. A progress og chaos activating an image.

Chapter 2: Don´t

Don't you feel that you are becoming a small piece of an whole gearing? Promised fruits wiping your expression out by shaping systematically constraint lines?

Chapter 3: Reword

Now, That we´re free of slavering (all believe), the effort of repeating, the sacrifice of imitating will reword you. You've followed the instructions, you're out of guilty! You were leaded to copy a certain freedom and you've pasted, the image of paradise.


The Waiting Room by D. Agullo, D. Paranyushkin, C Layes & P. Stamer

A waiting room, tables, chairs, reception. Forms, applications, questionnaires. You take a place, waiting for your turn. Your name is called and you are led to a different space. Behind the door is your interview partner. It may be an interviewer, your best friend, a trader, a dancer, an actor, maybe even yourself – you never know what to expect. The Waiting Room opens space for encounters between strangers and it plays with the social rules of curiosity and interest, everyday behaviour and communication. You always come back to where you started: the waiting room, which itself becomes the space for mixing up the impressions and suspending the patterns.



Month of Performance Art
13.05.2012 / 5 pm

Shelter is a performance that interacts with an object made with color paper weaved on a circular form. This form, when installed in space, works as a sculpture, a painting, even as a landscape; as an object for contemplation. A sequence of actions will trigger the circle into a transformation process where it becomes a shelter. The performer appropriates the circular form in the same way as human kind appropriated nature for their constructions, since Adam left Eden and when arrived on Earth built the first refuge with canopies of trees to spend the night.

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