Salir de Matos 2007
Collaboration with Luis Simões




Salir de Matos, torrão no inverno, Salir de Matos, 2007 








Salir de Matos, delimitação de espaço circular, raio medido através do corpo, Salir de Matos, 2007







Salir de Matos, Preparação de argamassa de adobe com água, terra, argila e fibras vegetais locais , Salir de Matos, 2007








Salir de Matos, bolas de adobe para a construção de espaço circular, Salir de Matos, 2007 



































Salir de Matos, 2007, Salir de Matos


Salir de Matos is a small village in center-west from Portugal. In this region you can still find some architecture constructions in raw earth, which combine ancestral techniques of earth architecture from the South Portugal and North Africa.
Salir de Matos announces a ephemeral presence, projecting itself as a sketch of a body extension on a natural space. On a clod near by a small river was outlined a territorial mark, a circular space demarcated by body dimensions. A human trace, a territorial demarcation through architecture and agriculture technics that were taught by Laurinda, one of the village inhabitants. this sketch in space was in constant transformation affected by someone, passing seasons and climacteric conditions. This project keeps memory on a book, a document that registers its process.




Salir de Matos




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