Na Ausência dos Nossos Corpos 2008
Collaboration with Luis Simões



























Na Ausência dos Nossos corpos, 2008, Botanical Garden of the Science University of Lisbon, Portugal



Na ausência dos nossos corpos (In the Absence of Our Bodies) was the culminating process of an artistic residency at the Botanical Garden of the Science University of Lisbon, Portugal. This project searched for a contextual approach, contacting with all the scientific investigation departments.
Starting from the dimensions of the performers’ bodies two mobile head-shelters were woven from vegetable fibers collected in the garden. The performers traced a path through the garden collecting seeds, flowers, leaves, fibers and fruits. The viewers accompanied the collecting walk, to a pile of decomposing organic materials. Here the woven shelters were attached together and installed,  presenting an ephemeral visual index of natural elements.



In collaboration with Luis Simões
Curated by Carolina Rito

Supported by Calouste Gulbenkian’s Foundation
Botanical Garden - Science University






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