Drop the Landscape in the Sky 2009

















Drop the Landscape in the sky, 2009, Hotel 25, Theaterhausmitte, Berlin


Drop the Landscape in the Sky was a project developed in artistic residency at Hotel25, Berlin. The studio given by the artistic residency program was at Theaterhausmitte, in the same block of buildings where there was a high school, with both entities sharing the same open space. In front of the school was a semi circled courtyard and was the chosen place to install a swing. The swing made part of the installation and performance Drop the Landscape in the Sky, and was positioned over an area of pigmented sand where the actions took place. The boundaries of colors were faded by the contamination of sand squandered though a body with a creep vision given by the swinging.


Drop the Landscape in the Sky  


One More Land Be Twin

Curated by Márcio Carvalho

Artistic Residency Program Hotel 25 

In collaboration with Theaterhausmitte






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